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How to get an enviable leggings look

Gucci – Spring 2017
Versace spring 2017
Image source: Imaxtree


If leggings might not have been considered « high fashion » in the past, they are now a trendy piece to be cleverly dressed up or down. Major designers such as Gucci, Versace or even Rodarte recognize both their versatility and their attractiveness, and have incorporated them subtly in their 2017 collections.

Leggings are not just a comfortable piece to wear to the gym anymore, they have become a classic piece, and something every woman should have in their wardrobe. So it’s time to start treating your favorite leggings as a legitimate fashion choice, and not just a comfortable alternative to pants. Wearing them daily with a great outfit is a statement, not laziness.

Experiment with your favorite leggings for a great look:

  1. Don’t be afraid to dress them way up or way down. One of the most common misconceptions about leggings is that they are just a comfortable piece to be worn at home. Leggings can look fantastic with an oversized blazer and some heels. Make your leggings a statement, and own them. If you want to stay comfortable, go for a casual sporty look by pairing them with sneakers and a sweatshirt. If you want to wear them to a bar or restaurant layer them under and elegant blouse or loose dress.
  2. Try adding some different textures. Choose leggings with some leather detailing and pair them with a nice t-shirt or knit. Or opt for some more classic leggings and layer on a quilted top. Playing with different textures can make your outfit go from basic to interesting.
  3. Play with the lengths of your tops. Leggings actually look great with many different lengths, including crop tops (preferably with high waisted leggings), tunics, and even dresses. Don’t be afraid to layer on your favorite oversized knit or elegant blazer, your weekend crop top or a simple dress. Or have fun with a “high low” look and pair a crop top under a long duster or jacket to contrast lengths and make your legs looks extra long.
  4. If you’re out of time or inspiration, accessorize your leggings! Don’t be afraid to use belts, jewelry, hats bags and shoes to make your classic leggings look dressier.


For a flattering look, try choosing legging with some light built-in shapewear. Shapewear leggings aren’t considered traditional shapewear, they will offer light and soft support, and smoother look.


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