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How to pick the right plus size shapewear

Choosing just the right plus size shapewear piece that will make you look and feel good can be hard. Thankfully, once you narrow down the style, fit, and control level you need, the rest is easy.


There are dozens of different styles of shapewear available on the market these days. From tummy-shaping briefs, to compression camisoles, to full body shapers, each kind of plus size shapewear has its own function and unique positive attributes. Depending on the outfit under which you plan to wear the shapers and your own body shape, you'll have to assess which style is best suited for your needs.

Tummy: The stomach area is one that many of us want to tuck in for a smoother, flatter look. Tummy-tucking briefs, waist shapers, and tummy-shaping camisoles are all great options for those looking to isolate this trouble area.

Legs and Hips: When you use leg-targeting shapewear, you can attain a leaner, longer look that will flatter your body in either slacks or a skirts. These often pair together with hip shaping support that can lift your buttocks and sometimes even extend up to the waist. If this is what you are searching for, consider leg shapers, slip shapewear, or high-waisted boxer shapers.

All-over: Slim out your whole body at once by using an all-in-one. These come either in a "slip" style that goes from your shoulders all the way down to your knees in a tight dress fashion or in a "boxer" style that have individual leg slimmers.

Control level

Each piece of shapewear has its own job to do. Some are meant to simply smooth out and hide lingerie lines while others constrict or tighten certain areas of our bodies like waist shapers or thigh slimmers. By just touching the fabric and noticing its thickness, you should be able to tell what level of control or support that shapewear piece provides. Depending on what you are wearing over it, choose a piece that you will feel comfortable in and will help you get the look that you are going for. Keep in mind that very firm pieces might be difficult to wear all-day, so when in doubt, choose shapewear that is the lightest you can manage for maximum ease of movement and comfort.


Though many women choose shapewear to tighten or smooth out parts of their bodies, do not make the mistake of buying items that are too small. Measure yourself before you go out to buy or order your shapewear and then choose a size that best corresponds with your measurements. Otherwise you might end up with the very thing that you were trying to hide- bulges. Shapewear is supposed to help you feel more comfortable and confident, not anxious about whether your undergarments are rolling up, falling down, or about to rip. As mentioned before, the control level is already dictated by the build and the style of the piece, so you don't have to do any additional math to figure out what size will get you the effect that you want. Need more support? Look for a different control level, not a smaller size.


The days of whale bone corsets are over, and the days of unbreathable, synthetic fabrics are numbered. When you are choosing plus size shapewear, maximise your own comfort and health by opting for items made from natural fabrics like organic cotton. These are breathable and cool, effectively eliminating the hesitation we all face when wearing shapewear under a summer dress on a hot day, or wearing a light silk shirt to an important meeting.

When you get down to it, choosing the right plus size shapewear is about selecting something that you will feel beautiful and confident in. Have fun with it and try on all different shapes and models to find something that you know will be a wonderful foundation for your unique style and wardrobe.

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