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How to Wear Leggings

Over the years, leggings have become a fashion trend especially in the Fall season. They are an alternative to jeans and sweatpants because of their multi-purpose usage and their high level of comfort. Even though they are tight, it is impossible not to feel at ease when wearing them. Styling leggings can sometimes tricky, so here are a few basic style tips to get you started.
How to Wear Leggings, Rule #1: Leggings are both pants and tights
Svelte slimming leggings have built-in shapewear that evens out bulges and muffin tops leading to a confident and sexy you. In addition, the slimming waist panel will provide your body with comfortable support whether you are having dinner with friends, running errands, meeting with clients or simply watching your favorite series at home. It also supports your hips, back and legs thanks to its thick compression-like fabric.
How to Wear Leggings, Rule #2: long Shirts and Cardigans
Leggings are  tight and have a different cut than pants. Even you skinniest skinny jeans will not be as tight as your leggings, and this is something you need to remember when dressing them. Pair them with a long t-shirt, tunic, sweatshirt, sweater or cardigan. Anything that exceeds the hip level and is a bit loose will always look good. You can also go for a bold and casual look by simply wearing a crop top with your leggings or going for a ‘Sporty-Chic’ look.
How to Wear Leggings, Rule #3: wear the Right Underwear
Leggings are skin tight, and underwear lines should be avoided. Not everyone feels comfortable wearing thongs and that's perfectly okay. An alternative to that can be a seamless underwear. Make sure to choose dark colored underwear with dark leggings and nude underwear with white leggings.
How to Wear Leggings, Rule #4: Heels, Boots, Ballerinas and Sneakers
The most amazing thing about leggings is that they can be worn for different occasions. If you are going to university or to run some errands and would like to feel comfortable, you can go for a casual look by wearing your leggings with  Nikes or Superstars. However, if you are going for lunch or to a chalet/cottage getaway, you can pair them with boots or booties. Finally, if you want to maintain a classy and professional look, stick to wearing heels and neutral colors such as black, grey, white and khaki.
How to Wear Leggings, Rule #5: accessories, the Ultimate Final Touch
The best thing about leggings is that they are a classic piece you can layer on to. So for a more stylish and sophisticated look style your outfit with the right accessories. This can range from a hat to an infinity scarf, some high knee socks or rings and necklaces.

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