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Jogging in shapewear leggings: why you’ll love running with a little extra support

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who love jogging and those who don’t. If you are, like our co-founder Liliana, one of those (crazy) people for whom jogging feels amazing, we have one tip for you: when you go running, bring along your shapewear leggings or shorts.
Jogging involves a lot of bouncing, and long term this can be rather painful. Sports bras are designed to hold your chest firmly in place, but what about your tummy? While not as painful, the small roll of fat situated right on your abdomen (you know the one we’re talking about) will jump up and down a bit as you run, and can end up feeling uncomfortable by the end of your jog. Although wearing shapewear to work out can seem like an extreme and uncomfortable choice, Svelte’s shapewear is built-in, offering soft and comfortable support and light compression. Shapewear leggings or shorts are designed to move with your body, accompanying your movements and supporting your abdomen, butt, lower back and thighs. The soft slimming panel at the waist will keep your tummy tucked in, and prevent it from moving around during your run.
For exercising, avoid the ponte de roma styles and opt for the cotton spandex leggings or the cotton spandex shorts. Both are made of breathable fabric that will keep you comfortable during your workout.
Happy running!

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