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Leggings for the holidays

With the holidays right around the corner, we often find ourselves trying to find the perfect outfit to wear to the office party, family Christmas dinner or even New Year’s Eve. Given all the obligations that the holidays bring, one thing is certain: food and drink are in abundance. While we all strive to look our best, squeezing into a tight dress or very fitted trousers leaves no extra room for all the delicious holiday treats.

To avoid compromise on either dressing fashionably or satisfying your appetite, you should not hesitate going for the comfort and style shapewear leggings provide. Not only do they provide you with the right support making you feel confident, but the stretchy knit fabric makes room for those extra pounds we all seem to gain. To help you cultivate some inspiration, here are some chic yet comfortable holiday outfits to look forward:

Office Christmas Party

Pair your favorite metallic pumps with your shapewear leggings and you have yourself a merry party. This chic ensemble is sure to show off your festive side. For this outfit, you can choose to opt for silver or gold accessories. Whichever you go for, you will surely decorate the room.



Holiday Family Dinner

For a more subdued look, this outfit is trendy yet casual. Dinner with family can get hectic during the holidays. Having the perfect outfit is key to ensure you can move around easily and help out with dinner prep. The statement necklace serves as the perfect ornament and ties the whole outfit together.


New Year’s Eve

Celebrating the end of the year and welcoming the new one should be done while feeling your best self. What better way to do that than in your shapewear leggings? Their built-in waist panel keeps your silhouette looking smooth, while ensuring you can comfortably dance the night away. Add a punch of color to your sleek all black outfit to complete this look.


Whatever you decide to wear this holiday season, be sure to it makes you feel confident and at ease. The outfits mentioned above serve simply as inspiration. Put your unique twist and show off your style!

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