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Modern Day Shapewear

The Shapewear Evolution

Shapewear ain’t what it used to be. That might not be a real saying, but it certainly should be. This is especially true considering how much shapewear has evolved over the years, in terms of its image, style, and function. There was a time when shapewear had a rightfully negative image. It was thought of as something a woman kept secret, restrictive undergarments they wore only on the sly to control the public’s perception of their bodies. This was when the word itself conjured up uncomfortable images of corsets, girdles, and control top panty hose that were intended to hide certain part of a womans’s body.
This is no longer the case, thank heaven. Shapwear has had an image makeover over the last several years and is now something women can wear to feel attractive and confident intrinsically, from a strong sense of self and a healthy body image. Today, shapewear is worn on the outside as well as the inside, and in both cases is designed to contribute something positive to a woman’s appearance, not to hide something ‘negative’ about it. The modern woman has moved beyond all that nonsense.

The Svelte System and Modern Day Shapewear

Shapewear is conceived of and constructed differently these days. For one thing, it’s no longer a secret. Shapewear has become clothing that a woman can wear out in the open, as an addition to her already great appearance. This transformation is embodied perfectly in the Svelte System, a shapewear design that combines form, function, and comfort to create outergarments that accentuate a woman’s style instead of trying to change it.
Whether we’re talking about leggings, skirts, shorts, or tank tops, Svelte System clothing makes you look and feel fantastic instead of uptight or uncomfortable. Using cutting edge design ideas and advanced technology, The Svelte System line merges with a woman’s body to accentuate the beauty, style, and elegance she already has. It’s a line that lets your body remain exactly as lovely and pleasing as it is on its own. Your body should make demands of the clothing you choose to wear, not the other way around.

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