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Same Leggings, Different Lifestyles

Who said that leggings are only wearable indoors ? Yes, it’s true that we often wear them at home because of the comfort they give us. However, now, the Leggings are an asset for the everyday life. Here are 1 type of leggings for 4 different looks.




Pick a simple shirt with your comfiest slippers, then you’ll be almost ready for your « Me Time ». The leggings are perfect for this cozy time for they are not too large nor too tight. Precisely, our Leggings are designed with a thick fabric which brings support for your back and tummy. You can now grab your lovely cardigan and enjoy!



For a Frenchie look, our Capri Leggings will be the right feature with this denim jacket and the lovely scarf. We absolutely do not forget these Converse sneakers for a casual look. From home to groceries or school, this everyday look won’t never let you down.
Plus, our Svelte Leggings will always sculpt your silhouette by bringing a non-restricting solution to those stubborn tummy rolls and periodic bloating.

It’s jogging time ! Did you know that our Capris are also made for your workout? With a high-waisted line, you’ll feel the support needed.

You know now how going to the gym or running outside is so easy when choosing that outfit.



We must admit Summer is almost gone. It’s time to look back at our rain boots and still grab the same Svelte Capris. Why ? Because finding the perfect fall outfit will never be that simple without a pair of leggings.

Wear them out, and show off how these capris are enhancing your lovely figures.

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  • La Contessa

    Look forward to wearing my leggings and jeans this FALL.I will tag YOU on INSTAGRAM if I feel I hit YOUR DESIRED LOOK!I will do MY best with this 57 year old BODY!

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