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Shapewear is the new outerwear

Shapewear has always been worn under clothes, made to be invisible and remain carefully hidden. It has always been considered an “undergarment” but recently the fashion industry is seeing an emerging trend: outerwear shapewear.

This is not wearing your shapewear as outerwear, like the Kardashian sisters did, rather it is clothing with built-in shapewear functionalities. This is an amazing trend for women for several different reasons:

  • Layering clothing and shapewear can be hot and uncomfortable. Shapewear as outerwear is a great 2 in 1 solution.
  • Shapewear clothing is designed to beautifully fit women’s curves, so they’re very flattering and well cut.
  • Skin-tight clothing is in, and what’s tighter than shapewear? Plus they give you an extra smooth look.
  • Shapewear stops being a shameful little secret, something you hide under your clothing. Shapewear as outerwear is an empowering way of owning your shapewear.
  • Shapewear clothing will comfortably hide any weight fluctuations you may go through, you don’t have to worry about not fitting into your clothes, as they will adapt to your changing body and needs.

Brands like Svelte, Jewel Toned or even Ruby Ribbon are creating wearable shapewear, clothes that have comfortable slimming functionalities built-in, making your wardrobe more flattering, and your life easier! Shapewear is slowly going from undergarments to outerwear, encouraging women to demand flattering clothes rather than uncomfortable undergarments.

What do you think about this new shapewear trend?

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