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Shapewear is The Place Where Feminism Meets Fashion

The Relationship Between Feminism and Fashion? It’s Complicated.

From the oppression of the Victorian corset to the bra burning that helped signal the heyday of the Women’s Lib movement, feminism and fashion have always had a close but complicated relationship. Looking back through history, fashion trends have revealed a great deal about women’s rights in a given time or place.

Varying forms of feminism have exerted a heavy influence on the perceptions women have of their fashion choices as well. There was a time when many feminists saw fashion as their enemy. This adversarial relationship stemmed from the idea that fashion trends were largely controlled by the image that men wanted to maintain of women, not by the inherent tastes of the female gender.

While this was certainly true to a large extent, both feminism and fashion have evolved to the point where this needn’t be an issue. Today’s feminist dresses in a way that makes her look and feel her best. It is in this way that fashion can be an aid to the feminist cause. This is the moment when Shapewear can play a role in the dynamic of this relationship. Read on to find out why our Shapewear is a friend to both fashion and feminism.

Shapewear and Feminist Self Expression

At Shopsvelte, we believe that our Shapewear products are a meeting place for feminist resolve and beautiful fashion. We believe this because they offer a diverse range of styles, all of which can be flattering to every body type or taste. Whether it’s the sleek, sexy look of a leather mini or the versatility of our leggings that capture your fancy, our Shapewear enhances who you already are without sacrificing comfort, originality, or style.

We don’t wish to make any extravagant claims about Shapewear’s importance to the noble aspirations of the ongoing feminist movement. We only want to show how it can play a meaningful part in the individual woman’s sense of self, style, and femininity.

We believe that one of the essential components of feminism is the ability of a woman to express herself entirely on her own terms, in ways that do not depend on or oppose the desires of men. Today’s woman exists in relation to herself and the people with whom she chooses to surround herself. Oh, and she can dress however she wants.


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