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Shapewear without the shame

For several decades now, shapewear has been sold in the form of undergarments only, flesh colored tight clothing that you hid carefully under your clothes. They were women’s shameful little secret. But no more! 

Shapewear has evolved a lot in the past years to accommodate each woman’s needs and bodies. From light support to air tight clothing the shapewear market in Canada offers a whole range of slimming products for women. And while women still wear the more tradition body shapers, companies like Svelte have worked hard to make shapewear easy to wear, and incorporate it in your everyday clothing.There’s no shame in wanting a smoother silhouette, or in wanting to conceal the small bits of you that you don’t love as much. But shapewear doesn’t have to be your dirty little secret anymore, something you layer your whole outfit over but resembles a sausage casing when worn alone. Svelte’s shapewear clothing has smoothing functions incorporated directly into the clothes!

Another great shapewear evolution? Shapewear doesn’t have to be the modern derivative of a corset, made to sculpt your body into shapes it normally doesn’t have. Many forms of shapewear offer medium to light support too, making shapewear comfortable for the first time in history. In Svelte’s case, it’s all about the smoothing effect. With their light shaping, our shapewear clothing will keep you comfortable, and supported, showcasing your natural shape instead of creating a new one!

Shapewear doesn’t have to be shameful anymore, so join us in celebrating and loving your body!


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