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Should leggings be worn outside of the gym?

The athleisure trend is still going strong, with leggings outselling even jeans. It looks like this trend, and leggings themselves, aren’t going anywhere, which is great news for those ladies that have a closet full of fun, flattering and form fitting stretchy pants. While many women wear leggings in their everyday life, to the gym but also to school, work, dates and brunch, leggings are still causing a major controversy, with people wondering if they are really appropriate outside of the athletic context.

While leggings were designed for athletic purposes initially, they have evolved enormously over the last few years. Now there are many different styles, and kinds of leggings; such as shapewear leggings, made to add some light support to your leggings for an ultra flattering look, and major brands such as Gucci or The Row are designing them. If leggings are now appearing on runways, wearing them outside the gym seems more than acceptable. But they should be worn with purpose! Since leggings are no longer workout gear, but a legitimate fashion choice, they should be styled accordingly. As the Vogue article on leggings in the workplace puts it: “If you can reimagine leggings in a fashion context, then yes, wear them. But if your intention is solely comfort and you look like you’re frumping through errands, then leggings are not a great idea.”

Wearing leggings outside of the gym isn’t just throwing on a sweatershirt and a pair of Uggs to make them acceptable. If you’re going to wear leggings, style them, pair them with interesting tops, oversized knits and nice shoes.

Basically, leggings should absolutely be worn outside of the gym, but with style! Leggings are not the new sweatpants, they are a comfortable and flattering piece to layer a great outfit on.

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