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Smooth is the new slim: how women are wearing their shapewear differently

Daniel C Sims / Getty Images
Skinny is out. The fashion industry is slowly but surely showing curvier women and finally giving into the body-positive movement. Owning your curves, accepting and loving your body are all things women are encouraged to do more and more. And as they do, shapewear changes with them.
Most of us picture Spanx or some equally tight and uncomfortable apparatus when we think of shapewear. Shapewear in the past was made to sculpt your figure, it was a body shaper made to make you look smaller. But there are actually many different types of shapewear, and they’re not all uncomfortable or made to bend your body into shapes it doesn’t usually take. Shapewear can vary from light support in key areas to corsets. It comes in many different shapes, and comfort levels, and women now have many choices to pick from.
More and more, women are wearing shapewear for the smoothness. Because let’s face it, it’s always nice to have a little support under a tight dress that shows off your curves. It’s no longer about looking smaller, it’s about looking smooth, and feeling supported.
Shapewear doesn’t have to be associated to shame and weight anymore, it can just be about support, comfort, and smoothness. Shapewear brands like Svelte are creating products made to enhance your natural curves, giving you soft support where you want it.

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