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Spring Cleaning

Every now and then we all have those days where we can’t seem to find anything to wear, even if our closet is full. This is never more true than during spring when the weather changes day to day. Some days may be warmer than expected, but for the most part transitioning from winter to summer may have its creative challenges.

In some cases, you may have pieces that have not been worn in a long time or maybe an item you have not been able to style since you purchased it. Whatever the case may be, spring cleaning does not necessarily mean getting rid of stuff. Instead all you need is a little inspiration to mix and match and put outfits together. Here is some spring outfit inspiration that will look amazing with your favorite Svelte shapewear pieces!

Blend your neutrals with  stripes and opt for a comfy yet chic outfit in your favorite shapewear leggings.


An urban look pairing your trendy crop top and bomber jacket with your go to sneaks.


A blazer or a graphic T, style your leggings with your key wardrobe pieces to show off your personal style.

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