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Styling your shapewear leggings at the gym

While the gym is a place meant to work on your physical fitness and focus on your work out, this does not mean you have to compromise your sense of style. Carrying over your fashion sense from your daily look to the gym may not seem easy at first, but this should not stop you.
You know what they say: look good, feel good! So why not have an amazing work out session while looking fabulous. The following looks will provide you with the inspiration to channel your own sense of style at the gym without looking out of place.
The All Black Look
This look is super easy to put together and allows for a sleek silhouette. Pair your shape wear leggings with a crop top or your favorite T and you will transition from gym to street style in no time.
The Yoga Look
On some days, hitting up the gym may not always be your go to workout, so the yoga studio may be the alternative. Your shapewear leggings will certainly come in handy. These outfits yoga appropriate, but they are also fashionable.
The Baseball Cap
Having a bad hair day? Do not have time to wash your hair post gym and have a quick errand to run? Pairing your gym outfit with a baseball cap is  convenient plus it also adds the cool factor to your outfit. With you shapewear leggings on and your hair tucked in neatly, all you have to do is focus on your work out.
Getting the motivation and pushing your self is the hard part. However, once you have taken the first step, the rest follows long smoothly. These outfits will help you push on and stir up some of that motivation when it seems to be lacking.


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