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5 Ways Our Shapewear Molds To You and Your Daily Life

Versatility, style, comfort — these items are at the top of every modern woman’s list of requirements for the clothes she wears every day and the qualities she never wants to be without. Sure, the clothing you wear for special occasions can present certain exceptions– you don’t expect the same comfort from formal wear that you get with your workout gear– but the outfits you wear consistently have to feel good, look good, and be adaptable.In other words, your clothing should adapt to you and not vice versa. This is something we’ll say again and again because we think it’s very important. In fact, we think it’s so important that adaptability is one of the driving ideas of our design...

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Three things to consider when buying shapewear leggings

Shapewear leggings are taking the fashion industry by storm: they’re the perfect garment, a mix of flattering control and stretchy comfort. But before getting yours, there are 3 main things you should consider:   Support level Shapewear leggings come in several different levels of support. While most offer light and comfortable control (no brand wants to be the first to make leggings uncomfortable), some offer firmer control. Whatever your preferences, remember that shapewear leggings are made with integrated shapewear functions that can be worn all day, they are supposed to move with your body and smooth out certain bulges and tucks, not to sculpt. If you are looking for high levels of support, shapewear leggings might not be for you....

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How to avoid these 3 fashion mistakes by wearing a waist shaper

It can't keep you from wearing stripes with plaid, but a waist shaper can protect you from other fashion mistakes, especially those associated with the proper fit of your outfit.  1. Stretching Buttons Finding the perfect button down shirt or dress is really hard, especially when you are looking for something more tailored and fitted to your body shape. Unless you are getting it made to size, chances are there is no way that the fit will be flattering everywhere: from your bust, down to your tummy, and in the case of a dress, over your hips and legs. This can be a problem, especially when you sit down and your buttons stretch the fabric so that your lingerie or skin...

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How to pick the right plus size shapewear

Choosing just the right plus size shapewear piece that will make you look and feel good can be hard. Thankfully, once you narrow down the style, fit, and control level you need, the rest is easy. Style There are dozens of different styles of shapewear available on the market these days. From tummy-shaping briefs, to compression camisoles, to full body shapers, each kind of plus size shapewear has its own function and unique positive attributes. Depending on the outfit under which you plan to wear the shapers and your own body shape, you'll have to assess which style is best suited for your needs. Tummy: The stomach area is one that many of us want to tuck in for a smoother,...

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Shapewear is the new outerwear

Shapewear has always been worn under clothes, made to be invisible and remain carefully hidden. It has always been considered an “undergarment” but recently the fashion industry is seeing an emerging trend: outerwear shapewear. This is not wearing your shapewear as outerwear, like the Kardashian sisters did, rather it is clothing with built-in shapewear functionalities. This is an amazing trend for women for several different reasons: Layering clothing and shapewear can be hot and uncomfortable. Shapewear as outerwear is a great 2 in 1 solution. Shapewear clothing is designed to beautifully fit women’s curves, so they’re very flattering and well cut. Skin-tight clothing is in, and what’s tighter than shapewear? Plus they give you an extra smooth look. Shapewear stops...

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