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Three things to consider when buying shapewear leggings

Shapewear leggings are taking the fashion industry by storm: they’re the perfect garment, a mix of flattering control and stretchy comfort. But before getting yours, there are 3 main things you should consider:   Support level Shapewear leggings come in several different levels of support. While most offer light and comfortable control (no brand wants to be the first to make leggings uncomfortable), some offer firmer control. Whatever your preferences, remember that shapewear leggings are made with integrated shapewear functions that can be worn all day, they are supposed to move with your body and smooth out certain bulges and tucks, not to sculpt. If you are looking for high levels of support, shapewear leggings might not be for you....

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Does shapewear really work?

Shapewear, waist trainers, body shapers, there are so many different options on the market for women in terms of « shapewear ». But does any of it work? The answer would all depend on what you expect your shapewear to do. Shapewear is defined as « Fitted underwear, especially a girdle, that is designed to hold a part of the body in a particular form. » So shapewear is made to modify your shape, with the help of varying levels of support and many different designs and cuts. It’s important to note that the more compression a shapewear garment offers, the more it will sculpt your body. Light compression shapewear won’t shave a lot off your silhouette, but it will keep you smooth. Shapewear...

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Sexy shapewear: how to look good and feel good about yourself!

A square of gorgeous dark chocolate will make you feel as good as a fresh hair blow out makes you look, but sexy shapewear can do both at once. See, little tricks like these can do wonders for you, both physically and emotionally. Knowing the secrets to loving yourself and developing the confidence you need to make all your dreams come true starts with feeling and looking good every day. Creating a lifestyle in which you are happy with who you are, inside and out, is definitely a journey, but remember, we are here for you through it all. Taking good care of yourself takes a lot of work, especially when we are so busy with our jobs, our families,...

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Shapewear leggings and weight fluctuation

Source  On any given day a woman’s weight can fluctuate several pounds. We all see our weight increase and decrease (sometimes dramatically) from day to day. Weight fluctuations are very normal, and can be attributed to a variety of different factors such as diet, hydration, exercise, and more. These fluctuations are a regular part of our lives, but they can be tough to accommodate, wardrobe-wise. It can be frustrating to have to adapt your clothing and style choices to a light weight gain, especially when you know you’ll be going back to your normal weight soon. And although classic shapewear can help, it can also feel a bit restrictive. Luckily shapewear leggings are here to help : Shapewear leggings have a...

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4 ways shapewear leggings are not like regular leggings

Shapewear leggings: not just regular leggings When laying out a pair of our shapewear leggings next to a pair of regular leggings, you may not notice a whole lot of a difference. But shapewear leggings are not just high wasted leggings. They are designed to provide a smoother, more flattering look and make the best out of your curves. So here’s what Svelte’s shapewear leggings have over regular leggings:

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