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Health, comfort and beauty

There is a saying that beauty is pain, but just how much pain are we willing to put up with? Heels, shapewear, waxing, tweezing, all women have experienced these, and more. The beauty routine of a woman can be at times uncomfortable and sometimes even downright painful. Take the story of model Khrysty Ana, who explains in an Instagram post that wearing shapewear caused her legs to turn blue. While is normal to want to feel beautiful and confident, is it normal to wear garments so tight they cause you to temporarily lose circulation in your legs? Especially when this can cause permanent damage such as digestive issues, nerve damage or poor blood circulation. It looks like women before us...

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Shapewear leggings and menstruation

Source Menstruation is an inevitable and uncomfortable time of the month for all women. It usually comes with symptoms like bloating, gassiness, cramps and overall discomfort. Many women adapt their outfits and wardrobes to meet their ever-changing needs, and around that time of the month your body needs a little extra comfort and care. Although this may sound counter-intuitive, our shapewear leggings can definitely help with that. If you watched our video testimonials, you know that Ana, one of our dear customers, loves wearing her shapewear leggings during her period. Why? Because when you feel bloated and uncomfortable, Svelte shapewear leggings hold everything in place, providing gentle and soft support for your sore body. Giving your abdomen that extra hold...

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Can you workout in your shapewear leggings?

We’ve discussed many times how shapewear leggings are amazing for day-to-day life. But some of our customers have asked if they can workout in them too. The short answer is that yes, of course you can. In fact, although they were designed with everyday life in mind, they are amazing for workouts too. The waist support and light compression offered by our shapewear leggings means that during your workout your body is comfortably held in. You’ll feel more confident knowing that your leggings have got your back, no unflattering bulges or tucks will appear while you do your thing. Also the thick stretchy knit material that Svelte developed has high percentages of spandex, meaning your leggings will following your body’s...

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