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Should leggings be worn outside of the gym?

The athleisure trend is still going strong, with leggings outselling even jeans. It looks like this trend, and leggings themselves, aren’t going anywhere, which is great news for those ladies that have a closet full of fun, flattering and form fitting stretchy pants. While many women wear leggings in their everyday life, to the gym but also to school, work, dates and brunch, leggings are still causing a major controversy, with people wondering if they are really appropriate outside of the athletic context. While leggings were designed for athletic purposes initially, they have evolved enormously over the last few years. Now there are many different styles, and kinds of leggings; such as shapewear leggings, made to add some light support...

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How to get an enviable leggings look

Gucci – Spring 2017 Versace spring 2017 Image source: Imaxtree   If leggings might not have been considered « high fashion » in the past, they are now a trendy piece to be cleverly dressed up or down. Major designers such as Gucci, Versace or even Rodarte recognize both their versatility and their attractiveness, and have incorporated them subtly in their 2017 collections. Leggings are not just a comfortable piece to wear to the gym anymore, they have become a classic piece, and something every woman should have in their wardrobe. So it’s time to start treating your favorite leggings as a legitimate fashion choice, and not just a comfortable alternative to pants. Wearing them daily with a great outfit is a...

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Why are leggings so expensive?

A lot of people are thinking it, but only some of our bolder customers are actually asking us: why are leggings expensive? It’s true that you can find plain black leggings at the store for 20$, so what’s the difference between those and plain black leggings that cost 100$? Why would you spend so much more on a basic item? The answer is simple: quality. The major price point difference is due to the difference in quality, whether it is the quality of the fabric, fit, design or details.   Fabric: Although cheap and expensive leggings are both made of knit fabrics, that’s the only thing their fabric has in common. Companies are constantly innovating with stretchy knit fabrics, developing...

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Jogging in shapewear leggings: why you’ll love running with a little extra support

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who love jogging and those who don’t. If you are, like our co-founder Liliana, one of those (crazy) people for whom jogging feels amazing, we have one tip for you: when you go running, bring along your shapewear leggings or shorts. Jogging involves a lot of bouncing, and long term this can be rather painful. Sports bras are designed to hold your chest firmly in place, but what about your tummy? While not as painful, the small roll of fat situated right on your abdomen (you know the one we’re talking about) will jump up and down a bit as you run, and can end up feeling uncomfortable by the...

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Three things to consider when buying shapewear leggings

Shapewear leggings are taking the fashion industry by storm: they’re the perfect garment, a mix of flattering control and stretchy comfort. But before getting yours, there are 3 main things you should consider:   Support level Shapewear leggings come in several different levels of support. While most offer light and comfortable control (no brand wants to be the first to make leggings uncomfortable), some offer firmer control. Whatever your preferences, remember that shapewear leggings are made with integrated shapewear functions that can be worn all day, they are supposed to move with your body and smooth out certain bulges and tucks, not to sculpt. If you are looking for high levels of support, shapewear leggings might not be for you....

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