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The Kim Kardashian Guide to rocking a tight outfit

Kim Kardashian has always been vocal about wearing shapewear. In fact recently, she was spotted in Iceland wearing shapewear as outerwear. Many of Kim’s casual outfits involve leggings or skintight pants, as you can see from the examples below. We can’t deny that Kim’s curves always look amazing, especially when she is rocking skin-tight outfits. But if, unlike Kim, you would like to bypass the 2 layers of Spanx for a more comfortable look we would recommend an innovative alternative: shapewear leggings! Wearing Spanx under your everyday outfit can be uncomfortable, and tedious especially when you’re just going for a curve hugging casual look. Shapewear leggings are the ultimate 2-in-1, they provide comfortable support, smoothing out your silhouette and keeping...

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Can you wear your shapewear leggings to the office?

With the growing trend of athleisure, women seem to be dressing more and more casually. Leggings are not just gym wear anymore, women are sporting them in coffee shops, grocery stores, restaurants and even the office. Last year denim sales went down, as women are opting for versatile and comfortable clothing that they can take from the gym to work to a night out. The health and fitness lifestyle has leaked into fashion, and versatile sports and casual wear is now seen everywhere. Now that leggings aren’t just for working out anymore, companies are making products that will meet the modern day woman’s needs. Svelte, for example, has designed thick high quality leggings with built-in shapewear to keep you comfortable...

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Shapewear leggings and menstruation

Source Menstruation is an inevitable and uncomfortable time of the month for all women. It usually comes with symptoms like bloating, gassiness, cramps and overall discomfort. Many women adapt their outfits and wardrobes to meet their ever-changing needs, and around that time of the month your body needs a little extra comfort and care. Although this may sound counter-intuitive, our shapewear leggings can definitely help with that. If you watched our video testimonials, you know that Ana, one of our dear customers, loves wearing her shapewear leggings during her period. Why? Because when you feel bloated and uncomfortable, Svelte shapewear leggings hold everything in place, providing gentle and soft support for your sore body. Giving your abdomen that extra hold...

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Celebrity look: Jessica Alba

Look gorgeous in your shapewear leggings for spring   Source  It’s officially spring, and to celebrate, we’d like to show you how to put together an outfit inspired by one of our style icons: Jessica Alba. This chic bright outfit can go from home to work, keeping you looking elegant and feeling warm. Start by slipping on your shapewear leggings. It’s still a bit chilly, so you might want to opt for your thick Ponte leggings instead of your cotton spandex ones. Their signature slimming panel at the waist will keep your mid-section comfortably supported. Then layer on a classic white shirt. Already you have a chic, comfortable outfit that can be worn in multiple settings. Plus the slimming panel...

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Can you workout in your shapewear leggings?

We’ve discussed many times how shapewear leggings are amazing for day-to-day life. But some of our customers have asked if they can workout in them too. The short answer is that yes, of course you can. In fact, although they were designed with everyday life in mind, they are amazing for workouts too. The waist support and light compression offered by our shapewear leggings means that during your workout your body is comfortably held in. You’ll feel more confident knowing that your leggings have got your back, no unflattering bulges or tucks will appear while you do your thing. Also the thick stretchy knit material that Svelte developed has high percentages of spandex, meaning your leggings will following your body’s...

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