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How to wear shapewear leggings on a plane

Look amazing and stay comfortable while flying  Choosing an outfit for a plane trip isn’t easy, mostly because the temperature can be unpredictable. One thing we can all agree on: shapewear leggings are the best for plane trips. They’re super comfy, breathable and still keep you warm in case of extreme air conditioning. They are high wasted so you won’t feel like your hips are being compressed and they will support your midsection nicely and conceal bloating. The problem is, what do you wear over them to make sure you stay warm? Here are a few tricks to putting together a comfortable travel outfit:

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Celebrity leggings look: Lily Aldridge

Rock your shapewear leggings just like Lily Aldridge!     We don’t know about you, but the colder it gets, the more we want to give up real pants altogether and simply live in leggings. Shapewear leggings are amazing for winter: they conceal any extra winter weight and are extremely comfortable. Get a pair of black tight ankle shapewear leggings and you can wear with everything. Lily Aldridge is opting for a monochrome black look in this outfit that looks elegant and keeps her warm and comfortable. So how do you recreate this all black look?

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How shapewear leggings will help you keep your New Year’s resolutions

Most women’s’ New Year’s resolutions concern their well-being, whether it’s that of their body or mind. Let’s face it, we all know we could be doing a better job at taking care of ourselves, too often we let the pressures of life take over our own needs. It’s never fun working out in the dead of winter, going on a diet or trying to improve your body image when the cold makes you crave fat and sugar. But maybe your shapewear leggings can help:

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How to wear leggings right in winter

5 style tips to look amazing in shapewear leggings.   We don’t have to sell you on leggings, they are comfortable, flattering, versatile and even attractive. And if you chose to wear shapewear leggings, you get a little extra support around the waist and a beautiful silhouette. So here are a few tips and tricks to make sure you look your best in your shapewear leggings this winter:

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