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Celebrity Style: Miranda Kerr

How recreate Miranda’s chic and effortless shapewear leggings look The amazing thing about shapewear leggings is that they are super comfortable but can still look really nice. When you’re traveling, on your day off or just feeling like you need to be comfortable, shapewear leggings are a must: they feel amazing and with the right outfit don’t look frumpy. Take Miranda Kerr, she looks fabulous but I bet she feels even more comfortable. So how do you create a similar outfit?

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5 reasons why shapewear leggings are the new jeans

In the last year Denim sales have dipped 8% according to market research NPD while ‘atheisure’ wear sales have increased 6% in 2013 according to fashion data company Edited. Leggings aren’t just for the gym anymore, many women have started wearing them for everyday tasks. Here are the top 5 reasons why more and more women are choosing shapewear leggings over jeans:

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The everything guide to wearing Svelte built-in shapewear

A frequently-asked-questions guide to wearing our shapewear leggings.   Shapewear clothing is a relatively new trend, and so it’s normal if you’re unsure how it works or what you can wear with it. The basic principal of shapewear leggings and clothing and that your average, everyday clothing is mixed with a flattering cut and tummy control functions to make sure you look and feel amazing. Here are a few pointers on how to wear your Svelte shapewear leggings.

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Are leggings pants?

  Can you wear your shapewear leggings as pants? This is a long going debate that seems to divide the internet: are leggings really meant to be made worn as pants? We’ve argued in the past that yes, our high quality shapewear leggings can be worn as pants, depending on the outfit.

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Going 9 to 9 in Svelte’s shapewear leggings

Nothing’s more versatile (or flattering) than your shapewear leggings. We’ll prove it.  Most people still associate leggings with casual wear and workout gear, but the truth is high quality, opaque leggings can take you through a whole day looking put-together and professional. And if they have some built-in shapewear, it’s even better. Here’s how to style your tight ankle ponte de roma leggings for a whole 12 hours while looking fantastic.

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