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5 leggings that make you look slimmer

Leggings are incredible versatile and comfortable, and almost all women own at least one pair. As the « athleisure » trend spreads, leggings are not being warn exclusively at the gym anymore, and have become increasingly visible in everyday life. Of course not all leggings can we worn as pants, it’s clear that cheap, see-through leggings are better worn under a tunic or dress. But Luckily companies are coming up with high quality, thick opaque leggings that will keep you decent. The best part? Some of these leggings come with light shapewear designed to smooth out your waist and keep you comfortably held in. Basically these leggings are designed to be as flattering and comfortable as possible, the perfect mix!   Svelte...

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How to avoid these 3 fashion mistakes by wearing a waist shaper

It can't keep you from wearing stripes with plaid, but a waist shaper can protect you from other fashion mistakes, especially those associated with the proper fit of your outfit.  1. Stretching Buttons Finding the perfect button down shirt or dress is really hard, especially when you are looking for something more tailored and fitted to your body shape. Unless you are getting it made to size, chances are there is no way that the fit will be flattering everywhere: from your bust, down to your tummy, and in the case of a dress, over your hips and legs. This can be a problem, especially when you sit down and your buttons stretch the fabric so that your lingerie or skin...

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