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How to avoid these 3 fashion mistakes by wearing a waist shaper

It can't keep you from wearing stripes with plaid, but a waist shaper can protect you from other fashion mistakes, especially those associated with the proper fit of your outfit.  1. Stretching Buttons Finding the perfect button down shirt or dress is really hard, especially when you are looking for something more tailored and fitted to your body shape. Unless you are getting it made to size, chances are there is no way that the fit will be flattering everywhere: from your bust, down to your tummy, and in the case of a dress, over your hips and legs. This can be a problem, especially when you sit down and your buttons stretch the fabric so that your lingerie or skin...

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When to wear shapewear leggings in Canada?

 Image source Canada is lucky to experience all four seasons in a year. Most Canadians experience a wide range of temperature. From March to May, snow melts. Days become warmer and longer and nights are cool and Canadians will get a lot of rain. Moreover, plants are slowly beginning to grow. Be stylish during this season pairing your shapewear leggings with boots, a hat and mittens. For summer, which runs from June to September, the temperature can reach up to 35 degrees Celsius. The weather is constantly hot and dry. In Ontario, people are more likely to experience thunderstorms and high humidity rates. In addition, most Canadian regions will get mosquitos during this season. Wear leggings to avoid nasty mosquito bites....

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How to go from the gym to the real world in your shapewear leggings.

It can be a real pain to have to bring a whole different outfit to the gym, especially when you don’t have the time, or the inclination to change out of your shapewear leggings. These are not only super comfortable, they’re also flattering, thick and opaque, making them acceptable to wear outside the gym. You just need to dress them up to go back to your everyday life.   Start by changing your shoes. Nothing screams « workout » more than sneakers and leggings. Grab some more elegant shoes for your post workout outfit, ballet flats or booties always look great with shapewear leggings. Make sure you grab a tunic. A casual t-shirt or tank top paired with leggings can look very...

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Why the shapewear pencil skirt is perfect for work

  With the summer months slowly coming and the weather getting sunnier everyday, it’s now time to pull out your shapewear skirt. This piece is a timeless classic, one every girl should have in their wardrobe. The best part is, it’s absolutely work appropriate, here’s why: The shapewear skirt’s length is perfect, just long enough to look professional, but still short enough you can go out for a drink in it afterwards. The shapewear skirt’s thick fabric is both professional and comfortable looking. Its 4-way stretch will keep you comfortable all day, moving with your body and providing soft support. The shapewear skirt’s impeccable cut will hug your figure and smooth out your body, making sure you don’t get any...

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