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Skirts Can Make You and Your Summer the Perfect Fit

Nothing Goes Together Quite Like Skirts and Summertime Summer’s almost here and if you haven’t done so already, that means it’s time to break out the skirts you haven’t worn yet this year and let them start working for you again. Or maybe the arrival of summer this year means it’s time for you to go  wild and buy yourself some new ones! What’s the harm in adding a few new skirts to make you look and feel your best as the weather starts heating up? Either way, nothing goes over better than a flattering skirt outfit during the summer. In fact, skirts and summer are one of the best combinations of setting and fashion we can imagine. Not only...

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The little black (shapewear) skirt

We have heard about the « Little black dress » as being the ultimate wardrobe essential. But what about the little black skirt? In our humble opinion, the little black skirt is a wardrobe staple. Timeless, season-less, you can wear it everywhere and for every occasion. Add some shapewear to that skirt and you have a perfect piece! The shapewear skirt keeps you comfortably held in at the waist, providing you with soft support, while having a perfect in-between length and a super comfortable stretchy fabric. The best part is, you can wear it for many different occasions: At the office. Your shapewear skirt is perfect for a professional setting. Its work appropriate length makes for a tasteful look and its stretchy...

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Why the shapewear pencil skirt is perfect for work

  With the summer months slowly coming and the weather getting sunnier everyday, it’s now time to pull out your shapewear skirt. This piece is a timeless classic, one every girl should have in their wardrobe. The best part is, it’s absolutely work appropriate, here’s why: The shapewear skirt’s length is perfect, just long enough to look professional, but still short enough you can go out for a drink in it afterwards. The shapewear skirt’s thick fabric is both professional and comfortable looking. Its 4-way stretch will keep you comfortable all day, moving with your body and providing soft support. The shapewear skirt’s impeccable cut will hug your figure and smooth out your body, making sure you don’t get any...

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