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Why the shapewear pencil skirt is perfect for work

  With the summer months slowly coming and the weather getting sunnier everyday, it’s now time to pull out your shapewear skirt. This piece is a timeless classic, one every girl should have in their wardrobe. The best part is, it’s absolutely work appropriate, here’s why: The shapewear skirt’s length is perfect, just long enough to look professional, but still short enough you can go out for a drink in it afterwards. The shapewear skirt’s thick fabric is both professional and comfortable looking. Its 4-way stretch will keep you comfortable all day, moving with your body and providing soft support. The shapewear skirt’s impeccable cut will hug your figure and smooth out your body, making sure you don’t get any...

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Can you wear your shapewear leggings to the office?

With the growing trend of athleisure, women seem to be dressing more and more casually. Leggings are not just gym wear anymore, women are sporting them in coffee shops, grocery stores, restaurants and even the office. Last year denim sales went down, as women are opting for versatile and comfortable clothing that they can take from the gym to work to a night out. The health and fitness lifestyle has leaked into fashion, and versatile sports and casual wear is now seen everywhere. Now that leggings aren’t just for working out anymore, companies are making products that will meet the modern day woman’s needs. Svelte, for example, has designed thick high quality leggings with built-in shapewear to keep you comfortable...

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