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The different shapewear categories: an easy guide to shapewear

Everyday shapewear

Usually available in neutral colors, this shapewear is often pretty plain looking and worn completely invisibly under your clothes. It comes in the form of camis, shorts, bodysuits, en even slips, and often has invisible seams. Its comfort level can vary depending on the brand and level of support, but some women will wear these on a day-to-day basis to create a smoother look. Usually this sort of shapewear doesn’t aim to reduce your size, simply to smooth you out and make sure your favorite pants don’t give you a muffin top.

Lingerie shapewear

Lingerie shapewear come in the form of attractive underwear with slimming effects. This type of shapewear is usually more comfortable, definitely more attractive but not always supportive enough. The upside is you can wear it on dates and not be afraid of what your partner will see once the clothes come off!

Hardcore shapewear

This category encompasses all shapewear with high quantities of support. It can go from bodysuits, to shorts to camis, and usually boast high levels of success as well as discomfort. Highly compression shapewear can make you go down a size, and will definitely help you slip into an ultra clingy outfit.

Waist trainers

Waist trainers are corset-like devices used by women to both sculpt their silhouette but also sometimes to lose weight. Their effectiveness is debatable, but they do offer impressive support. Some women enjoy working out in them, and claim that they create extra definition around the waist. These aren’t particularly comfortable, but can be quite wearable and may even improve your posture. Although we can’t imagine working out in them would ever be completely comfortable!

Built-in shapewear

Women are understandably getting tired of having to layer on several pieces to get a smooth look, and that’s how the idea of built-in shapewear was born! Built-in shapewear is clothing with shapewear sewn inside, basically flattering clothes with a little extra support around key areas.

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