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The new way to wear shapewear

Shapewear and body shapers have been around for centuries, and have taken many different forms. Often though, this shapewear has ranged from mildly to very uncomfortable, and has been built with to sculpt and modify the female body to fit beauty standards. A great example of this would be Kim Kardashian’s recent confession to wearing not one, but 2 layers of shapewear under her skintight clothing. Lauren Valenti from Marie Claire tried the technique and admitted she loved the effect but:
« I didn't eat in the Spanx, but I imagine polishing off a larger meal would have been damn near impossible. Elegance is refusal, I suppose.”
Both women look gorgeous in their dresses, but were 2 layers of uncomfortable shapewear really worth the smoother look and perkier bum?
There’s nothing wrong with showing off your curves in tight clothing, but wearing (2 layers of) extra tight shapewear can be unhealthy for the body long term.
Of course we all want a smooth finish to our clothing, this is why a second wave of shapewear was created. This new and improved shapewear is all about comfort, its purpose is not to transform the curves, but to show them off, your silhouette and body shape won’t be changed, you’ll simply hide the small bumps and tucks that make you feel self-conscious. Svelte is proud to be part of the brands that aim to embrace womens’ curves as they are creating comfortable shapewear clothing that give you a smooth look without having to wear several layers or skip meals!

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