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The Svelte Guide to Leggings

Too Many Leggings Choices Out There? Here’s How to Narrow Them Down!

As you’ve probably already found out if you’ve shopped for a pair (or pairs!) that fit both your body and your style, not all leggings are created equal. Sometimes, clothes that seem very similar from far away become quite distinctive when you see them close up or actually try to wear them!
The choices out there can get a little bewildering, right? That’s why we’ve compiled The Svelte Guide to Leggings– to teach you what the different options are and what each category features in terms of material, fit, and style. This guide is all you need to find the style of leggings that’s exactly right for you AND have fun while doing it.

Capri Leggings for a Casual

Although there’s not just one style of Capri leggings out there, we can say that they’re designed to give you a look that blends the casual and fun with just a touch of sophistication. They’re also comfortable and perfect for a wide variety of laid-back occasions– anything from lunch with a friend and Little League to an outdoor party.
You’ll find Capri leggings made of just about any kind of fabric, but the thing to keep in mind is the “interrupting” effect they have on your silhouette. If your legs are already short, Capris that stop too soon (around your mid-calf) can magnify the effect and make them look stubby. Conversely, Capris that stop further down the leg will extend your silhouette. The upshot is that women of all body types can wear Capri leggings, but you’ll need to experiment to find the length that’s most flattering.

Cotton Leggings For Versatile You

Cotton leggings can be whatever you need them to be. Because they’re appropriate for just about any setting, they’re the “do everything” style of leggings. They’re also soft, flexible, and extremely comfortable to wear. And when you combine these qualities with the versatility of cotton leggings, it’s easy to see why every woman should have at least a few pair in her wardrobe arsenal.

Leather Leggings for Sexy You

Do we need to say this? Do we need to tell you that leather leggings are designed to make you look sexy? Well, in case you didn’t know– leather leggings are supple, sophisticated, and just a little bit daring. In other words, they’re designed to accent your length, curve where you curve, and make you look your sexy best on special occasions.
But leather leggings are more versatile than you might think. You can wear them with a solid or a graphic tee for a more casual look, or pair them with a blazer and scarf to get a chic, more continental impression. Either way, don’t sell yourself or leather leggings short by not giving them a try.

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