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The ultimate legging looks of 2017

The good news is, leggings will be very much in style in 2017, and while you can still wear them with your favorite workout gear, leggings this year will be worn with your favorite classic pieces:

Leggings + Crop Tops - Nothing showcases your waist more than high waisted leggings and a crop top.


Leggings + Blazers - A staple piece of any wardrobe, blazers look amazing with your favorite leggings and a simple t-shirt.



Leggings + Capes - Looking for an elegant and high-end leggings look? Pair them with a cape for an easy statement.



Leggings + Flowy knits - For running errands and everyday wear pairing your leggings with a flowy sweater, some flats and simple accessories will give you a polished and relaxed look.



Leggings + Oversized tees - Leggings always look amazing with a classic oversized t-shirt. The best part is, you can dress the look up or down by selecting the right shoes and accessories. This outfit will never let you down!


Notice 2 out of 5 of these looks are worn by leggings queen Kendall Jenner!


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