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Three things to consider when buying shapewear leggings

Shapewear leggings are taking the fashion industry by storm: they’re the perfect garment, a mix of flattering control and stretchy comfort. But before getting yours, there are 3 main things you should consider:
Support level
Shapewear leggings come in several different levels of support. While most offer light and comfortable control (no brand wants to be the first to make leggings uncomfortable), some offer firmer control. Whatever your preferences, remember that shapewear leggings are made with integrated shapewear functions that can be worn all day, they are supposed to move with your body and smooth out certain bulges and tucks, not to sculpt. If you are looking for high levels of support, shapewear leggings might not be for you.
Shapewear leggings come in all different styles: tight ankle, cropped, capri, etc… and they will target different problem areas such as the stomach, thighs, butt or a combination of those. Before purchasing shapewear leggings it’s important to consider what you will be wearing them with, and where you would like to feel supported. Typically shapewear leggings are great for creating a smooth look around the tummy area, erasing bulges and smoothing out the infamous muffin top.
Shapewear leggings come in a variety of fabrics and thicknesses. Like regular leggings, they will be made out of stretchy knit fabrics, but while some will look like a thicker version of the classic black legging, others will look more like tights. These variations will mean you will be able to wear different shapewear leggings in different contexts. Thick opaque leggings will be easily worn as pants, keeping you comfortable and covered up. While shapewear leggings that are a bit thinner and can become see-through or look like tights will be better worn under a tunic or dress, giving you a smooth look to layer on.


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