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Why are leggings so expensive?

A lot of people are thinking it, but only some of our bolder customers are actually asking us: why are leggings expensive?

It’s true that you can find plain black leggings at the store for 20$, so what’s the difference between those and plain black leggings that cost 100$? Why would you spend so much more on a basic item?

The answer is simple: quality. The major price point difference is due to the difference in quality, whether it is the quality of the fabric, fit, design or details.


Fabric: Although cheap and expensive leggings are both made of knit fabrics, that’s the only thing their fabric has in common. Companies are constantly innovating with stretchy knit fabrics, developing the softest, most comfortable textiles to meet your needs. While cheap leggings will often stretch out, pouch at the knees and look generally deformed by the end of the day, high quality leggings will keep their shape, remaining skintight all day long. Cheaper leggings also tend to have an extremely short life spam, they quickly fade or shrink when washed, and wear out in the knees and bum. More expensive leggings are designed to be incredibly durable, looking like new every time you wash or use them. Cheaper leggings also tend to be see-through around the bum, something more expensive leggings will avoid.


Fit: Fit is so important for leggings, as they need to be tight enough to hug you, but not too tight to become see-though or unflattering. There is no comparing the fit of cheap leggings with the fit of high quality, expensive leggings. High quality leggings will hug you right in all the right places, keeping you looking amazing and feeling comfortable. Ours even offer soft compression around the thighs.


Details and design: High quality leggings will tend to beautiful detailing to make sure you look you best. Rather it’s clever seams, paneling, or in our case a shapewear panel at the waist. Although these may seem like small details, they make a lot of difference once you have your leggings on, making them extremely flattering. Built-in shapewear, for example, offers 360 degree support and keeps you waist, back and thighs smooth and sleek.

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