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Why black leggings will always be in style

The leggings trend has been around for a while now, and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. Trends often come and go, but some are so universally loved, so versatile and so timeless they turn into classics. And black leggings have officially become just that.
Classics need to be able to survive the test of time and adapt to ever changing aesthetics. The little black dress, for example, has morphed and evolved, adapting to the needs of women and to the changing times. The design of black leggings has already started changing, they now come in many different fabrics, and some even have built-in shapewear.
Classics need to be able to be worn with current fashion. No matter what the trend, they need to be both versatile and timeless, and easily worn with what you own. Black leggings look amazing under a variety of tops, sweaters and even dresses. They can be dressed up or down and styled in many different ways.
Classics need to look good on everyone. What makes classic pieces so universal is that they can be worn by women of many different sizes and shapes. Black leggings are extremely flattering to most body types and fit everyone.
And finally black leggings are incredibly comfortable. And while comfort is not always important in fashion, it is to the everyday woman, making black leggings the ultimate piece.

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