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The Svelte Guide to Leggings

Too Many Leggings Choices Out There? Here’s How to Narrow Them Down! As you’ve probably already found out if you’ve shopped for a pair (or pairs!) that fit both your body and your style, not all leggings are created equal. Sometimes, clothes that seem very similar from far away become quite distinctive when you see them close up or actually try to wear them! The choices out there can get a little bewildering, right? That’s why we’ve compiled The Svelte Guide to Leggings– to teach you what the different options are and what each category features in terms of material, fit, and style. This guide is all you need to find the style of leggings that’s exactly right for you...

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Skirts Can Make You and Your Summer the Perfect Fit

Nothing Goes Together Quite Like Skirts and Summertime Summer’s almost here and if you haven’t done so already, that means it’s time to break out the skirts you haven’t worn yet this year and let them start working for you again. Or maybe the arrival of summer this year means it’s time for you to go  wild and buy yourself some new ones! What’s the harm in adding a few new skirts to make you look and feel your best as the weather starts heating up? Either way, nothing goes over better than a flattering skirt outfit during the summer. In fact, skirts and summer are one of the best combinations of setting and fashion we can imagine. Not only...

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Why black leggings will always be in style

Image source   The leggings trend has been around for a while now, and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. Trends often come and go, but some are so universally loved, so versatile and so timeless they turn into classics. And black leggings have officially become just that.   Image source   Classics need to be able to survive the test of time and adapt to ever changing aesthetics. The little black dress, for example, has morphed and evolved, adapting to the needs of women and to the changing times. The design of black leggings has already started changing, they now come in many different fabrics, and some even have built-in shapewear.   Image source   Classics need to...

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The different shapewear categories: an easy guide to shapewear

Image source Everyday shapewear Usually available in neutral colors, this shapewear is often pretty plain looking and worn completely invisibly under your clothes. It comes in the form of camis, shorts, bodysuits, en even slips, and often has invisible seams. Its comfort level can vary depending on the brand and level of support, but some women will wear these on a day-to-day basis to create a smoother look. Usually this sort of shapewear doesn’t aim to reduce your size, simply to smooth you out and make sure your favorite pants don’t give you a muffin top.     Image source Lingerie shapewear Lingerie shapewear come in the form of attractive underwear with slimming effects. This type of shapewear is usually...

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Modern day shapewear vs. vintage shapewear. Which is better?

I recently came across this article on Racked: Modern-Day Shapewear Sucks, but Vintage Shapewear Rules. After spending the day in shapewear, the writers there discover their colleague has had a fantastic experience with vintage shapewear : « these items were designed to take in the shape of the woman wearing it and accentuate her best feature. A longline bra will pick up a perky chest, a girdle will draw eyes to curvaceous hips, a corset will highlight a slim waist. They make you look good and feel good, and they come with the weight of history of those items. None of this is the same as the beige tons of stretch material that make up modern shapewear. » This made me wonder, is...

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