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Lipgloss and Crayons"these leggings? A must buy.  Seriously. Svelte sent them over, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m about to order three more pairs.  Svelte is a shapewear company……and I was totally skeptical.  Most leggings that hide bumps and bulges are also SUPER uncomfortable. [...]  These leggings surpassed the test….they are amazingly flexible……and extremely comfortable.  Plus, they’re a pretty good deal if you ask me!"



Prairie girl in the city: "These uber comfy pants by Svelte are perfect for my day to day life at home.  They come with a built in shaper that helps give my tummy a smoother look."






Wardrobe Oxygen: "These leggings from Svelte are nice; the double-knit ponte maintains opacity even when stretched and the built in tummy tucking panel keeps things smooth.  I’ve washed these leggings multiple times and they maintained their color without a single pill or fuzz ball.  If you’re considering them, I recommend if you’re between sizes go down since the quality material and construction prevents all the issues with most leggings."

From Lush To Blush






Carrie Bradshaw Lied: "I must also share that these leggings are my new lifeline.  They are made of extremely durable and thick while flattering fabric that also has a tummy control panel.  I love them so much I could marry them.  I’ve been wearing them at least once a week and love how comfortable and sleek they are. I seriously should just go ahead and throw all of my other leggings in the trash because these are 800x more flattering."

So About What I Said 

Why Girls Are Weird: "Svelte is here to help with your ever changing body needs, for your comfort, keeping you looking great each day."








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