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Sizing Guide

Find the right size for your shapewear

Svelte's built-in shapewear are super stretchy leggings, skirts, tanks and shorts, find your size in the chart below, and if you have any questions, contact us, we'll be happy to help! 


What if my hip measurements and my waist measurements aren't in the same size category? 

The size chart above shows standardized average values. If you don't fit into one size category, no need to worry! Here are a couple of solutions: 

If your waist size is smaller than your hip size: If your waist size is one size smaller than your hip size (example: your waist is a size M and your hips a size L), we advise you buy our products in the size corresponding to your waist size. Our products are super stretchy, and can accommodate different shapes. The fact that your bottom half is curvier doesn't mean you need to lose out on support! 

If your waist size is larger than your hip size: If your waist size is one size bigger than your hip size (example: your waist is a size XL and your hips a size L) we recommend you buy our products in the size corresponding with your hip size. This will offer a little extra support at the waist and insure that your leggings fit correctly and hug your hips, thighs and legs. 

Size issues

Leggings roll down or slimming waist panel offers no support

If your shapewear leggings are rolling at the waist or you feel like slimming panel isn't supporting your abdomen or offering any compression, then they're a size too big. Svelte leggings should hug you perfectly at the waist and support you throughout the abdomen. 

Shapewear panel is uncomfortable, or creates a visible crease 

If the elastic at the waist or the seam at the hips is digging into your skin, or feel too tight, then a larger size might fit better. Svelte's products should feel supportive and comfortable at the waist, not suffocation! 

Shapewear leggings look baggy

If your shapewear leggings aren't fitting right, bagging at the knees or bum, then they're too big. Our stretchy fabric is made to support you comfortably, it should fit close to your skin, hug your body and follow your movements. 

Shapewear leggings become see-through

Svelte products are made with thick, opaque fabric. If they are see through around the bum area, even when you wear similar coloured underwear, then they are probably a size too small. Check the fit of your slimming waist panel and if it too feels tight look into getting a bigger size.