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Svelte and Fitness

Svelte Clothing: Your Partner in Fitness

People ages 18-33 or the so-called “Millennials” has started to embrace a healthy active lifestyle. This generation continuously finds ways to incorporate health and fitness into their daily lives. Millennials, being one of the globally largest demographics with high purchasing power, continue to change market trends as they invest in organic healthy food and beverages, gym memberships and fitness wear. Consequently, Nielsen Data and American College of Medicine reported that 47% of Millennials exercise because they know it is beneficial for their body while 31% who do so to achieve a particular fitness goal.  

As exercise continues to become as vital part of millennials’ lives they invest in workout wear which value both clothing and technology. In addition, athletic clothing is now part of everyday fashion and is even used more frequently than denim. The clamour for more classy and fashion-forward workout clothes is becoming incessant today.

This is when Svelte Clothing comes into place. What makes Svelte stand out is that we are a hybrid between shapewear and fitness clothing. If you are not familiar what shapewear is, it works like magic that evens out every body lump you have. Svelte offers a variety of women’s workout wear that are both fashionable and comfortable. Thus, it allows on-the-go women to wear Svelte whenever, wherever. It is a perfect brand for it integrates style, comfort and efficiency. Moreover, the ready-to-wear line made up of 4-way stretch spandex panel sculpt tummy rolls and periodic bloating allows you to look fit, fun and fiery especially for event-based workouts like color runs, marathons and group cycling classes.

One of our popular products are the fitness shorts. Svelte fitness shorts tone the legs using tights with built-in shapewear. They have compression zones in order to shape the thighs, rear and midriff section simultaneously. In addition, you can enjoy and seamless and sleeker look as opposed to regular fitness shorts!

Buying shapewear shorts is a small and safer investment than seeking the help of a surgeon. It is a healthy, natural way of feeling great without going on crash diets and slimming fads. With regular exercise and Svelte shorts in your closet, you can achieve a fitter body. 

Aside from looking good, Svelte fitness shorts are also very comfortable and soft. Women can enjoy freedom of movement every single day. The Svelte system offers so much more than a simple tummy-tucking fix because their slimming panels and smart design work hand in hand to deliver a knockout look for women of all beautiful sizes.